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Limbic Reflexology

The restoration of homeostatic norms is the goal of any Reflexology approach. The limbic brain networks are at the centre of the regulatory processes that we call homeostasis. The complex networks of the limbic system continually monitor and respond to internal and external environments, in such a way as to optimise our survival and adaptation to changes.

Limbic Reflexology Training is a new addition to the world of Reflexology, and represents a revolutionary breakthrough in the help that a Reflexologist can offer those seeking help with emotional pain, traumatic memory, pain, and chronic pain.

Working new precision reflex areas in the feet, using specific techniques, we can now connect with the brain networks, that underpin many disabling conditions. These reflex areas are pinpoint areas, and so with an understanding of the underlying neurobiology and pathology of a condition, very specific treatment protocols may be established.

Limbic Reflexology and the training, has been developed by a Reflexologist with forty five years experience in mental health nursing, It provides an intervention in a wide range of problems relating to limbic brain disregulation.

The course is primarily designed as a CPD course for Reflexologists. It is currently available in Sheffield, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Manchester in the UK with further venues planned for 2019. The Course is a groundbreaking package of new insights into the processes of the brain, and offers a range of new brain reflex areas, and the techniques for working those areas.

Limbic Reflexology is based on sound medical science, and the benefits of treaments are evidenced by outcome measures. Limbic Reflexology finds its rationale, and is informed by, up-to-date research in neuroscience, and the evidence is gathered using widely accepted outcome measures. Both the neuroscience and the outcome measures form an important part of the training.

For details of courses in Sheffield, Cardiff, Manchester and Edinburgh, See Course Details

Limbic Reflexology & Fibromyalgia

Limbic Reflexology is particularly suitable for Fibromyalgia and M.E./CFS. Marcia Edwards, based in Edinburgh, has worked closely with those living with Fibro and has been an outstanding ambassador for Limbic Reflexology. Check out the Podcast interview she did with Health Heroes.

If you have any queries about Limbic Reflexology or about the training, please feel free to email me using the link on the sidebar

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